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The Writing Society

An online writing community here to guide you from your first ideas to your full-time writing career.

Members’ benefits

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Weekly workshops

Hone your writing skills, strengthen your mindset, and build your business skills with our weekly workshops taught by industry experts.

Many of our workshops also feature Q&As with course tutors so that you can get advice tailored to you and your story.


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Downloadable resources

Get access to exclusive downloadable resources to print off and fill in.

They’ll guide you through everything from new plotting techniques, to improving your grammar, to generating new ideas.

“A gem of a community”

“As the world’s greatest procrastinator, I’ve never been able to focus enough to write a novel. The Writing Society has not only helped me to work around my busy schedule, it’s connected me with the most supportive group of people you could meet. The accountability buddy system is especially fantastic, as my buddy checks in most days and has helped keep me firmly on track. It doesn’t matter what you are writing, this is a gem of a community I would recommend to anybody.”

– Kirsty Patrick, school teacher

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A community like no other with experienced, empathetic guides you won’t find anywhere else.

Meet your guide

The Writing Society is run by Kristina Adams.

Kristina Adams is a bestselling novelist who, so far, has self-published nine books. She also runs The Writer’s Cookbook, a blog for writers, and works as a content marketer. You’ll struggle to find someone as driven, tenacious, and motivating as this woman.

Hone your craft

No writing career can happen without understanding what makes a great story. We’ll teach you everything from how to generate ideas, to why planning is so important, to the key pillars every story needs.

Reframe your mindset

When it comes to success, we’re often our own worst enemies. Using the latest psychological techniques, we’ll help you to reframe your approach to you writing and publishing business. You’ll be a happier, more confident, and more productive writer in no time.

Build your business

Whether you plan to publish traditionally, self-publish, or go hybrid, we’ve got the tools and advice to help you. We cover everything from how to approach an agent, to how to deal with Amazon, to how you find your readers. 

Try our free pre-planning course

Before you write a word – before you plan a word – you need to have the structure in place to ensure you’ll commit to it. Our pre-planning course will get you in the mindset to plan and write your dream novel. It’s delivered to your inbox every day for a week.